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At Miami Life Wellness we strive to provide the best medical grade cosmetic and aesthetic treatments using the latest technology. We are all about efficacy, safety and results.

Our techniques and products will guarantee outstanding and long lasting results. Our goal at Miami Life Wellness is to help you achieve the best version of yourself and to enhance your natural beauty, our team works to appreciate you on an individual level to fully understand your needs and create a treatment plan that fully addresses them. Our services rejuvenate your skin and body and support your health and wellness objectives. We’re here to guide you through an experience that is catered to you. It’s as simple as that.
Prices and rates

At our clinic, we offer a wide variety of beauty services, including personalized facial treatments to meet your unique needs.

Thread Lift

One of the key benefits of thread lift is that it is a non-surgical procedure, which means that there is no downtime required. Patients can typically return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Facial Fillar
If you are interested in facial fillers, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a qualified and experienced cosmetic specialist. They can provide you with more information about the treatment and help you determine if it is right for you.
Other Procedures

Microneedling (PRP)

(Platelet-Rich Plasma)

single treatment


(Reduces Superficial Deposits of  Fat)

Medical Weightloss Program