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    Among the Breast Procedures offered at Miami Life Plastic Surgery, we can list Breast augmentation, Breast reduction, Breast Lift or Implant exchange. Breast Procedures are very common but the reasons to get one will vary from patient to patient. It can address concerns like perceived underdeveloped breasts, asymmetry or sagging, it can also improve shape and increase the volume of the breasts. Even though they often require Saline or Silicone implants, our doctors also specialize in breast procedures without them.

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    breast augmentation

    Our clinic is the destination for many patients who are interested in achieving their ideal breast size and shape. At Miami Life, our surgeons are experts when it comes to breast augmentations, and are committed to providing every patient with breasts that are fuller, larger, and exceed the expectations of the desired results every time.

    breast reduction

    During breast reduction procedures, glandular tissue, and excess skin is removed leaving behind smaller and more proportional breasts. This procedure also lifts and reshapes the breast, and repositions of the areola – leaving the patient with not only a smaller cup size, but with lifted breasts as well. Common reasons patients desire a breast reduction include back, shoulder, and neck pain, and a breast reduction can not only improve quality of life, but also self confidence.

    breast Lift

    Breast lifts remove excess skin and tighten the surrounding tissue to raise the breasts and give the patient a more tight and rejuvenated appearance. The technique we use at Miami Life Plastic Surgery is the anchor scar which reduces the breast size and excess skin. Then we fill and give volume to the breast by using Saline or Silicone implants. It helps women feel more confident along with improving elasticity and firmness. Our surgeons and our staff are fully equipped to offer you the best advice catered to your unique body and the results you are looking for whether it’s breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift procedures. Schedule a consultation today with our Live Chat available 24/7 to discuss your options with one of our knowledgeable plastic surgeons and find which breast enhancement surgery works for you!

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    Miami Life Plastic Surgery is a 12,400 sq ft state of the art surgical facility fully accredited by the Florida Department of health. Our Plastic Surgeons are highly skilled, with decades of experience in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. We provide a wide range of procedures including our most popular: Brazilian Butt Lift, Lipo 360,Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, and Mommy Makeover. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our patients, a commitment from beginning to end. It is achieved through innovation, surgical excellence and continuous improvement.

    commonly asked about Breast Augmentation

    Both saline and silicone breast implants are considered safe for breast augmentation procedures or breast reconstruction. Ultimately it will depend on the desired look and feel, saline implants often give off a more firm look while silicone implants have a more natural feel and appearance to them. Most of the time the surgeon will recommend the type of implant during the consultation after taking a look at the patient’s breasts and depending on the frame and body type of the patient, and the desired results that have been discussed, they will agree on which implant would suit best.
    Women with sagging breasts, can undergo a breast augmentation, however an a dditional procedure such as a lift may also be necessary. If the nipples droop below the lower crease of the breast, the lift surgery or mastoplexy, is also required. Without this additional procedure to remove the excess skin the placement of the implant may not be adequate and the results will not be the desired ones.
    Usually the pain after a breast augmentation procedure is moderate, swelling and bruising is expected and pain is controlled with medication for the first couple of weeks following the surgery. Most patients describe the feeling after two days more as discomfort rather than pain. It is important to note however, that severe pain can be an indication of a complication and should be notified immediately if the patient is experiencing it throughout the recovery process.
    In the case of a ruptured silicone implant, the shell will contain the gel filler. Your surgeon will recommend a surgical removal. A new implant will replace the ruptured one. In the case of saline implants that have a valve that could potentially fail causing leakage, the body will absorb the saline water, but the breast will be visibly deflated and the surgeon will have to replace the implant.
    The answer is yes, you don’t need to have kids to have a mommy makeover. In fact if you are a male we would call it a daddy do-over, or if you are a weight loss patient we can perform the exact same procedures on you. The term mommy makeover is attributed to the combination of those procedures because most patients who seek them are women whose bodies have drastically changed after 1 or more pregnancies and desire to look the way they did before they had kids.

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