Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift – or BBL for short – is our specialty. This is what we are known for, we are the home of the best BBLs in Miami™. The procedure involves body contouring by transferring unwanted fat to the buttock and hip area.


BBL Procedure

By Our Surgeons

Brazilian Butt Lift is the most sought after procedure in Miami, and our surgeons know exactly how to deliver results that satisfy their patients’ vision to give them the snatched and curvy look they want. 

Unwanted fat is taken via liposuction from places like the flanks, thighs, arms, abdominal area, and is strategically distributed in the hips and butt to provide the perfect round hourglass figure, projection in the buttock area, and snatched waistline look.

If you’ve been considering a BBL Procedure, contact us for a free consultation. Our Surgeons are Board certified with impeccable safety records, well-known for the results they deliver. We are after all The Home of the BEST and safest BBL in Miami, and we will individually tailor the results to your needs and wants. 

Chat with us today if you’re ready for the body transformation you’ve always wanted!

Commonly Asked Questions about Brazilian Butt Lift

  • A BBL increases Buttock Volume & improves Shape
  • Reduces Fat in Your Abdomen & Lower Back
  • Adds Fullness Hips & Perkiness to Buttocks
  • Enhances Your Body’s Curves 
  • Improves Overall Body Proportions

1- Keep the pressure off of the buttocks post-surgery… That means no sitting for prolonged periods of time from four  to six weeks .

2- Eat healthy and stay hydrated!

3- Be as active as you can be –don’t stay in bed all day, you are not sick! get up and GET Moving

4- Avoid Nicotine at all cost.

5- Make Sure to follow the Post-Operative Care specifications; wear your fajas and get your massages!

Not all patients are suited for this procedure, to find out if you are, just schedule for a Consultation and If you qualify, you just need to take the leap into your BBL Miami 😉 

Changes in you weight, whether it be weight loss or weight gain, can definetly change the results of your BBL procedure. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and a steady weight can help to keep the results consistent from your BBL

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